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RCT Systems is an industry-leading small business that designs and manufactures cutting-edge wide band gap (WBG) Gallium Nitride (GaN)/Silicon Carbide (SiC) power electronics alongside state-of-the-art energy storage systems. Our solutions cater to the most demanding environments including land-based, shipboard, airborne, and subsea/seabed domains.

RCT Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 certified innovative leader in the development of advanced power electronic systems and energy storage systems for demanding US Navy, US Air Force, energy, aerospace, and commercial applications.

We focus on delivering cutting-edge systems that operate in the most challenging environments from undersea power systems in pressure vessels, to shipboard power distribution and conversion, and providing power systems for directed energy (e.g., tactical laser weapon systems/radar) applications within electric vehicle motor drives, renewable energy solutions, and hybrid/electric vehicle infrastructure.

Large Complex

Power Systems


+ 100kW to 15MW

+ Up to 13.8kVAC / 1kVDC

+ Scaleable/Modular


+ Containerized Energy Storage

+ Shipboard Directed Energy

+ Shipboard Power Distribution

+ Solid-State Transformers (SST)

+ Motor Drives/Controllers

+ Electric Vehicle (EV) Fast Charging

+ Aircraft Ground Support

+ Undersea/Seabed

Wide Band Gap

Power Converters


+ Si, SiC, and GaN

+ Up to 10kV+

+ 5 kW to 500kW


+ Flexible DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-DC

+ High Power Density

+ Bidirectional Power Flow

+ Non-Isolated/Isolated Topologies

+ Ship Hatchable LRUs

+ Unique Packaging Geometries

+ Challenging/Harsh Environments

Test Facility

Built for the future

RCT Systems is a vertically integrated company capable of spanning the entire product development value chain from engineering design, prototyping, manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, testing, and modeling capabilities.



RCT Systems has a unique on-site flexible test facility that includes a medium voltage (MV) safety cage and available input power of 6kVDC, 450VAC, 480VAC, 4160VAC, and 13.8 kVAC, all up to 500 kW.

+ 1200A 480V Main Service

+ 6kV DC Power Supply

+ MV Safety Cage (625 sq. ft.)

+ 480V-4160V Transformer (600kVA)

+ 480V-13.8kV Transformer (600kVA)

+ 200 kVA PHIL 480V/4160/13.8kV

+ 600 kW 1.5 kV Bi-Directional Supply



In addition to precision mechanical measurements and testing performed in the electronics laboratory, RCT Systems has the capability to functionally test and evaluate electromechanical components such as motors, generators, magnetic bearings, and electrical drives. 

+ EMI Measurement and High ΔV / ΔT

+ High-Speed Data Acquisition System

+ Real-Time Controller-In-The-Loop (CHIL)

+ Power Hardware-In-The-Loop (PHIL)

+ Rapid Controller Hardware

+ MV Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN)

+ 400 Hz @ 0.2MW

+ 450V & 480V @ 0.5MW

+ 6kVDC @ 0.25MW

+ 4160VAC @ 0.5MW

+ 13.8kVAC @ 0.5MW


Real-Time Resources

RCT Systems computer resources include state-of-the-art workstations loaded with ANSYS and Creo Elements/Pro to provide full 3-Dimensional modeling and analysis for transient and steady-state finite elements, heat transfer, and fluid flow problems.


Modeling Software

Discipline-specific software packages for science, engineering, finance, and publishing are also available on the network.


3D transient and steady-state electromagnetic analysis capability


Circuit design packages


Electronic circuit and power electronics modeling

MATLAB | Simulink

Linear and nonlinear systems analysis and control system design

Mathcad | Mathematica

Closed-form analyses

Infolytica | ANSYS

Finite element analysis software packages providing 2-D and 3-D static, magnetic, thermal, structural, and dynamic analysis


Translators provide interface capability with virtually every design and finite element software package

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