ISR Systems Division

ISR Systems Division

Intelligence support you can trust.

From sensor development to dissemination, our IRS Systems Division provides end-to-end enterprise engineering for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support functions.

ISR System Engineering
  • Supporting Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance systems in the Tactical and National environments.
  • End-to-end enterprise engineering, sensor to exploitation to dissemination
  • Global enterprise to Tactical edge
  • Design validation, source evaluation, performance engineering and validation
  • System engineering
  • Security engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Network and Communications engineering
  • R&D of solutions to meet emerging real-world threats
  • On-the-fly engineering to meet QRC requirements
  • Support to SRR, PDR, CDR, FAT, OAT&E, and real-world deployments
  • Requirements Engineering
  • ORDs, TRDs, CCDs
  • Standards development
  • National tactical integration
  • Out-year architectures
  • Vanished Vendor/Tech refresh
Program /Project Management
  • System Design Oversight
  • Budget and Schedule
  • Vendor source evaluation and selection
  • Configuration management and boarding
  • Build and Integration
  • Test and deployment
Support to Operations
  • National Systems Collection Management, World-wide or Theater Centric
  • TTPs, CONOPs, CONEMPs, etc
  • Technical support for emerging requirements and threats
  • Testing and validation
  • Exercise Support

Maintenance and ILS Support

  • O&M of deployed and in-house ISR and enterprise systems
  • Configuration Management
  • COMSEC Custodial Duties
  • Integrated Logistics and Acquisition Support for build, deployment and full life cycles

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